Cancer causing genetic mutations - Human papillomavirus infection incubation period

Cancer causing genetic mutations


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    You probably already know that cancer is caused by mutations to our DNA. Researchers think they might be closer to answering this question, after finding an unexpected link between certain types of cancer, and mutations in a normally overlooked hpv virus getting pregnant of the genome.

    This means they influence the amount of proteins created, and in turn, the function and type of cell.

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    So mutations that occur here are particularly damaging. To understand that, you need to understand how DNA gets mutated — and then fixes itself - in the first place.

    Our DNA is undergoing potentially harmful mutations on a daily basis - as a result of random, naturally occurring errors, or exposure to things such as UV rays and cigarette smoke.

    There are different repair systems to fix these types of mutations - for example, UV damage to DNA is repaired by a system known as nucleotide excision repair NERbut what the UNSW Medicine researchers found is that when these mutations occur in the promoter region of the genome, NER is being blocked by another protein in the area that controls gene expression.

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    If they can link common promoter region mutations to cancer types, they might also be able to identify people at risk of developing cancer early. For comparison, there are many genes, including TP53that scientists know can cause a normal cell to become cancerous if it becomes mutated.

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    The UNSW researchers hope this will soon change. All of this data was available to researchers on public data sharing platforms. This research was published in Nature.

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    Find out cancer causing genetic mutations about their world-leading research.